What is changing within .TW?
Under a new policy, .TW domain names are now available for registration worldwide. (Previously, only registrants located in Taiwan were able to register a .TW name.) TWNIC is also moving to an EPP-based real-time registration system.

Will NeuLevel sell .TW names retail?
No. NeuLevel will only offer .TW domain names through .TW-accredited Registrars.

Can Registrars market .TW names to registrants located in Taiwan?
Yes. Registrars and resellers of .TW domain names are able to offer .TW domain names to registrants worldwide.

Are there any unusual features of the .TW End User Agreement (compared with other gTLD contracts)?
The .TW End User Agreement is under development. NeuLevel expects the agreement to be very similar to most registrant agreements.

Are there any unusual features of the .TW Registry Gateway agreement (compared with other gTLD contracts)?
The .TW Registry Gateway Agreement is under development. The agreement will be similar to typical Registry-Registrar agreements. The agreement will be distributed to Registrars once it is available.

Is there a Nexus requirement for Registrants?
No. Under recently announced .TW policy, registrars may accept .TW registrations from registrants worldwide.

Can an individual register a .TW name?
Although .TW policy is permissive in terms of registration, and enforcement is generally in reaction to a complaint (as opposed to proactive review), registrations that are not associated with an organization or business may be subject to deletion. This does not in any way prevent an individual from registering a .TW domain name for a business operating as a sole proprietorship.

You say there are “no policy restrictions” on third-level .TW names. What does that mean, exactly?
After launch, any business or organization, worldwide, can register a .COM .TW or .ORG.TW name under a new liberalized policy that no longer restricts .TW registrations to Taiwanese entities.

Does a company or organization need a subsidiary in Taiwan in order to acquire a .TW name?

Are second-level registrations (.TW) being offered in addition to third-level registrations?
Not at the present time, although TWNIC and NeuLevel intend to accept second-level .TW registrations under a new policy in the near future. Additional details will be provided as they become available.

Is ICANN accreditation a requirement in order to become a .TW registrar?


What Registry-Registrar Protocol will be used for .TW?
All transactions between the Registry and the Registrars will be handled via EPP. The specifications will be the same as those for .BIZ and .US.

What is the process for becoming a .TW Registrar?
TWNIC is the entity in charge of accrediting .TW Registrars. NeuLevel will facilitate the accreditation of Registrars with TWNIC; contact your NeuLevel Registrar Relations representative for more details.

Who will provide first-level support to users?
As with .BIZ and .US, .TW Registrars will be responsible for managing the relationship with their customers. NeuLevel will not provide support to end users; however, NeuLevel will provide all necessary technical support to Registrars. Registrars will not need to contact TWNIC for technical and operational support.

Who will provide second-level support to the channel?
NeuLevel will provide all levels of support to the registrars.

What is the technical and operational relationship between NeuLevel and TWNIC?
TWNIC is the Registry operator for .TW, and is responsible for WHOIS and DNS updates. NeuLevel’s Registry Gateway allows existing .BIZ and .US registrars to connect to TWNIC’s Registry in order to register .TW names.

How will you handle the .TW land rush (FCFS, batch, round robin)?
The anticipated .TW landrush will be handled strictly on a “first come, first served” basis.

What are the rules for renewals?
Registrars can renew domain names through the “Renewal” command. There is no auto-renewal operation in .TW; thus, there is no auto-renewal grace period.

What are the rules for Registrar transfers?
Registrar transfers in .TW will only be allowed for non-Taiwan-based Registrars connecting through NeuLevel’s gateway. Domain names registered through Taiwan-based registrars cannot be transferred into non-Taiwan based registrars, and vice versa. Also, domain names cannot be transferred within the first 60 days of initial registration.

What are the rules for Registrant transfers?
There are no specific rules for Registrant transfers. These types of transfers will be handled just like .BIZ and .US at the Registrar level.

What are the rules for deletions?
Only a sponsoring registrar can initiate the deletion of a .TW domain name. If the deletion is initiated within the five-day add grace period, the name will be immediately made available for registration. If a deletion is initiated after the five-day add grace period, the name will be put on a five-day “Pending Delete” status. If a domain name registration expires, the name will be put on a five-day “Pending Delete” status. All non-expired domain names have a five-day “Pending Delete” status.

What are the billing requirements?
The .TW Registrar billing process is identical to that of .BIZ and .US. Registrars’ debit accounts will be debited each day. Registrars with an existing debit account will not need to set up a new account for .TW names.

What technical requirements must a Registrar meet in order to sell .TW?
Each registrar must pass an EPP technical certification test before they will be allowed to register .TW domains. Registrars who are already .BIZ and/or .US certified will not need to pass an additional certification test for .TW.

Do we need to fill out any documents or forms for registrations, updates, deletes and/or transfers, or is it paperless?
Registration will be real-time EPP registry based, and will not require any paperwork.

What happens when a domain name expires?
When a domain name expires, it is immediately placed on HOLD and taken out of the zone files.

IP Protection/ Name Restrictions

What are the rules governing intellectual property (IP) disputes in the .TW domain?
TWNIC has posted a policy regarding IP disputes on its website. The policy is very similar to the Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) common in other Web domains. Visit http://www.twnic.net.tw/english/dn/dn_04.htm to learn more.

Will there be a Sunrise Period for IP protection for .TW?


Why should an international business secure a .TW name?
As the next frontier of global e-business, .TW presents companies everywhere with an unprecedented opportunity to make inroads into the Taiwan marketplace. Now is an ideal time for companies to protect their brand identities in .TW.

Who will buy .TW names?
NeuLevel anticipates that the majority of .TW buyers will be small- and medium-sized businesses from around the world, concentrated mainly in Europe and the Asia/Pacific region.

Who will make the purchase decision for a .TW name?
NeuLevel anticipates that a CEO, marketing director, Webmaster or product manager will make most companies’ .TW purchasing decisions.

Where are these .TW buyers located?
As alluded to earlier, NeuLevel will target buyers primarily in Europe and the Asia/Pacific region. Countries of interest include Japan, the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Korea, Singapore and China-all of which are top trade partners with Taiwan.

What is the .TW value proposition?
.TW offers registrants the protection of a well-established brand name in what is certain to become one of the lucrative marketplaces in the world. Further, .TW can put customers from Taiwan at ease, giving them the security of dealing with businesses that have a substantial, “localized” presence in Taiwan as well as an international one. Finally, .TW enjoys widespread notoriety and recognition among Taiwan’s population.

Who are your target channel partners?
NeuLevel has a global distribution channel. We have hundreds of channel partners (domain name providers, hosting/email providers, and corporate services firms), who in turn have thousands of reseller partners.

What term lengths are available?
Initially, NeuLevel will make .TW domain names available to Registrars for term lengths between one (1) and five (5) years.

What is unique about .TW?
Third-level .TW names are now available for the first time globally. Now, registrants do not need to be residents of Taiwan to take advantage of these addresses.

Do you plan to offer other .TW domain names?
The NeuLevel/ TWNIC partnership makes third-level .TW domain names available through Registrars outside of Taiwan. Additional .TW domains may be added in the future depending on market demand and policy decisions.

When is the launch?
NeuLevel plans to begin accepting registrations for .TW domain names through registrars located outside of Taiwan beginning in the third quarter of 2003.

How do foreign companies best do virtual business in China?
Please refer to NeuLevel’s .TW Guide for International Businesspeople, available from Fernando España, NeuLevel’s Senior Relationship Manager. This is a document issued to provide a snapshot of the state of business in Taiwan (particularly as it pertains to online commerce), as well as some starting points for the businessperson wishing to incorporate a .TW address into his or her overall business strategy.

How is economic growth in Taiwan? Internet growth?
NeuLevel has issued a number of primers and white papers that contain deep research and comprehensive statistics about the state of the Taiwan economy, both online and off. If you would like a copy of any or all of these, contact your NeuLevel Customer Service representative.

Is there a logo for .TW?
Yes. You may view it on the homepage of www.neulevel.com.tw.

Are you offering any value-adds such as website translation or shipping/export advice?
NeuLevel does not provide any additional services beyond the scope of its role as an official .TW registry gateway.

What is the process for becoming a .TW Registrar?
NeuLevel will facilitate accreditation of registrars located outside of Taiwan on behalf of TWNIC; Registrars will contract with NeuLevel for Registry Gateway services. NeuLevel will work directly with Registrars located outside of Taiwan to facilitate operational testing and turn-up. Interested Registrars should contact Fernando España

Where do I go to learn more about .TW and how to buy it?
Visit www.neulevel.com.TW.

Are .TW names restricted to the Taiwanese market only, or it is possible to offer .TW domains to European customers also?
As mentioned above, any business or organization, located anywhere in the world, can register a .TW domain name under the newly liberalized policy.


Who is TWNIC?
The China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) was founded in 1997. It is a nonprofit organization of administration and service, performing duties of the National Internet Network Information Center. The management of CNNIC is handled by the Computers Network Information Center of the Chinese Academy of Science. CNNIC operates under the auspices of China’s Ministry of Information Industry (MII), an agency that also oversees telecommunications, multimedia, broadcasting and satellite transmissions across China.

Among its many duties, CNNIC provides domain name registration, IP address distribution and autonomous system (AS) codes distribution.

What is the relationship between NeuLevel and TWNIC?
TWNIC has partnered with NeuLevel to provide Registry gateway services for the .TW domain. TWNIC is the administrator of the domain, setting policy and service levels, running the .TW WHOIS and generating the .TW zone file.

Who runs the Registry?
TWNIC is the official administrator of the .TW Registry.

Why did TWNIC choose to partner with NeuLevel?
NeuLevel’s experience in Registry Gateway along with our shared vision for .TW names made NeuLevel the ideal partner. Additionally, NeuLevel is a neutral Registry Gateway provider that does not compete with its registrars.

How long does this contract last?
NeuLevel and TWNIC are committed to a long-term strategic relationship. Specific terms of the agreement are confidential.

Is it exclusive?
The nature of the TWNIC/NeuLevel partnership is exclusive to the extent that all non-Taiwanese registrars wishing to sell .TW names must work with NeuLevel to facilitate accreditation and will connect to the .TW registry through the Registry Gateway.